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Fun Facts For CustomPlayMoney.com
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The Top 10 most popular Fonts for custom text line 3 are :

Sylfaen (30.6%)
Happy Days (23.2%)
Bickley Script LET (18.8%)
Arial Black (9.7%)
Pendry Script LET (7.8%)
Limehouse Script LET (2.2%)
Arial (1.7%)
Comic Sans MS (0.4%)
UnitedStates (0.4%)
Times New Roman (0.3%)

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At www.CustomPlayMoney.com, we handle the Play Money Needs ranging from a single stack of bills for a childs birthday party to Hollywood movie promotions with hundreds of thousands of bills. Below are images from some of our larger orders.

5000 Custom Style Full Color", 1 denomination on green security paper

50 sets "Monopoly Style 2", 4 denominations each set (blue, pink, Lilac, Salmon)

100 sets "US Bills", 1 denomination each set (green)

6000 "Drawn US Bills", 1 denomination (green tint security)

17,500 "Drawn US Bills", 1 denomination (green)

200 sets (28,800 total bills) "Eagle Play Money" 6 denominations multi colored

40,000+ $1 Corporate Incentive bills in four colors

Multiple Denomination US Hand Drawn


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